How It All Got Started.

My 9 to 5 wasn’t cutting it.

There was no hope for advancement, and the writing was on the wall that my job would become extinct at any time. Not only did I need to find something that would hopefully supplement my income, but would someday become my income. I’ve been known to plan big without thinking about the consequences. I needed to do something quick.

But what would that something be?

Would it be a second job? Possible, but extremely unlikely. There are jobs out there, but they’re all part time, or on the other side of the state.

Would it involve going back to school? I am a college graduate. Twice. A degree will not guarantee employment. I learned that the second time around.

Would it involve getting back into sales?

I’ve had a touchy relationship with sales and to say that I wasn’t looking forward to getting back into it was a grand understatement. Not of fan of sales. I am not a natural born salesman. I don’t have that Million Dollar Smile or the Midas Touch, for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully capable of selling, but the thing is, I’m not from the Zig Ziglar school of high pressure sales. I think I applied to the school once, and they even accepted my application. It’s just when I got there, the cafeteria prices where outrageous, and the bookstore only had one book.

I am capable of selling, it’s just that the last product that I was drawing commission off of tended to be plagued with so many problems that in some cases that it proved to be fatal to use. So, the idea of selling anything just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. What would be the point of selling something that only a certain number of people could afford, only to be working against the stigma of selling something that might hurt you? I just didn’t want to be part of that world anymore.

I am capable of selling, it’s just that I come from the Gentle Persuasion school. I subscribe to the “You don’t want this, you need this, and I’m going to list of 10 different reasons why” way of selling. Much more effective. Much more personable.

In any case, I swore that I would never go back to that way of doing things. If I were to do so, it would be selling a product that I can believe in. And what better product that I can believe in than one that I have constructed?

So it was to be t-shirts. Everyone wears them. Everyone wants one. And I want to be the first to admit that there are some glorious, fantastic designs and artwork that people are wearing these days. I would like to think I’m clever. I would like to think I had some pretty cool, humorous and thoughtful ideas that I can contribute to society.

But, I can’t draw…

Thank goodness for Café Press and their super helpful online t-shirt maker which had a steep learning curve and didn’t work and play well with the rest of their site for some reason. Regardless, this is what I came up with as my first design….


first example

YEAH!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! I HAVE REACHED THE PRECIPICE OF MY ARTISTIC ABILITY AND I’M FULLY PRIMED TO LET IT LOOSE ON THE WORLD! THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE…THIS…THIS…this is awful, actually. I mean, I wouldn’t buy this, I wouldn’t tell my friends about this, I wouldn’t wear this outside. I accepted my complete failure and packed it in before I even started. I set out to find other means to supplement my income.

A couple of years passed. The idea of starting a t-shirt business was never too far away, I just never honestly considered it as a possibility.

That is, until I discovered Etsy.

I think I stayed up every night for a week just clicking through t-shirt designs. Some were dreadful, others were pretty good, the rest were absolutely sublime, and those artists were cranking out a fairly decent living at it. I wanted to be a part of it.

Still couldn’t draw though…

I caught a break. I found software, and immediately spent the following week gathering up a few hundred tutorials, vectors, fonts, anything I could get my hands on to improve my technique…scratch that…I mean develop a technique.

It wasn’t too long until I was constructing headers for my blog, offering my services (such as they were) to local business to develop their logo. I had no idea what I was doing, but I couldn’t stop doing it. I spent many hours with this software. I wanted to become best friends with it, to be better acquainted with it. I wanted to speak its language.

Flash forward some 3 months later. I get so wrapped up in trying to make things, I forgot about trying to make things. I forgot that I had a store at Café Press. I got rid of the old…um…design(?) and decided to replace it with something a little more appealing. But first, I tested the waters with something easy, something appealing…


watermarkThis was…let’s just call it…a step in the right direction. Although, I’ve never been satisfied with how this turned out, I’ll have to revisit this sometime.


Undeterred, I made my own design based on the original run.



This one is my baby. This one, I’m taking with me. I may have ended my relations with Café Press because of creative differences, but this is coming with me at my new digs.

New designs coming soon. Stay tuned.



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