Fresh Coat of Paint

November is the month where there is way too much going on. Not only do I have get a bird on the table in a few weeks, but there’s this thing called NaNoWriMo that a lot of people participate in.

Last year, I was pretty much gung-ho about participating and fell well short of expectations. Turns out, writing a 50,000 novel in 30 days is pretty tough, what with Holiday planning and taking care of an infant at the same time. Oh, and trying to promote a business. Oh, and domestic duties. Things took priority over other things. Nothing got accomplished.

This year, I decided to sit out on the novel writing activities, and focus more on finishing up and taking care of what I have. Whether its tackling the many works in progress I have saved in a notebook, or adding new items to my store, I decided that my plate is full enough.

It looks like I have a few things to catch up with. It looks like that things could use a little change, a few additions.


New Logo

It was time. After a few years of service, the old logo needed to be packed in mothballs and stashed in the attic.

I wanted to keep the vintage feel, but make it a little easier to read.


More posts are coming.
More items are coming.

You can see this as well as the rest of the shop here.

Stay tuned.


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