Even the Smallest Pebble…

I am a Progressive.

At least, I’d like to think I’m one.

Even though it might be a dirty word in some circles, and I’ve held back at admitting I was one because I thought it might sabotage my business, I realized that there’s someone allegedly running the country who has no problems mixing politics with business. If he can do it, why can’t I?

I am a Progressive. That means I am a strong believer in freedom and justice for all, not just for the few. I am adamant about climate change, and I get more than a little cranky when those people who wait for that first snowfall during the warmest winter on record to tap you on your shoulder and smirk, “Where’s your ‘global warming’ now?

I believe that a quality education and access to affordable health care should be available for everyone regardless of income. I believe in taking care of our children, in our vets, in our less fortunate. I believe in a living wage. I believe we have a responsibility to the refugees that we helped create. I believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe that love is love is love is love…

…is love.

It’s been coming up on two years of the biggest and slowest overthrow of our democracy, and I can’t understand why some people are okay with it. I mean, I might have an idea why, and it might have something to do with not having a person of African descent as President. Apparently, there are those among us who are just fine with fear and hatred driving us to commit unchecked violence against dark skinned people. They are relieved to see Rebel flags finally flying and crosses burning again. There are those in our country who are genuinely excited to finally witness a White Nationalist run nation. There are those that are still upset that they lost a war that ended over 150 years ago. There are those among us who are just fine and dandy with being lied to, swindled and sold down the river just as long as some bloviating, bullying, conniving, senile Caucasian celebrity with a fake tan is doing it, and not some black guy who was just in power for 8 years who actually knew what he was talking about, and managed to pull the country back from economic ruin… among other things.

Still, there are the rest of us who can see the writing on the wall. There are those of us who are still scared and confused. There are those of us who aren’t willing to give in and support this person who has absolutely no interest in leading the country, and even less interest in caring about the people that put him there in the first place. There are a lot of us who aren’t willing to lose everything we’ve gained over the past few generations. There are those of us who are tired of being silent, of being compliant, of being manipulated. There are those of us who are waking up and rising up. There are those of us who no longer rely on the media to spoon-feed us knowledge we know isn’t factual. There are those of us who know when the wool is being pulled over our eyes, and are smart enough to do our own research. There are those of us who will push back and will keep pushing.


We are The Resistance.

Now, there is nothing that takes the place of good old fashioned activism. We at Forest City encourage all of you to get involved in any way you can. Call you elected officials. Write emails and send postcards. Attend Town Halls. Take to the streets and let your voice be heard. SHOW UP! VOTE!

When we first started, we made it our mission to start a conversation with our designs. Whether that conversation is borne from the latest meme, or crafted to reflect more socially relevant issues. We understand and appreciate the importance to be engaged and involved, but we also understand that some people are only able to participate in spirit only (we know you have to work for a living). With that in mind, we have designed a subtle way to let people know that even though you might not be marching in the streets, you stand in solidarity with those that do. We offer a wide array in several colors. Posters, stickers, tote bags, hoodies, scarves, and of course the ever popular t-shirt.

Come visit us at our store for more options.

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Making a small contribution to a larger cause, like printing t-shirts and stickers, is effective. Even though the smallest pebble can make waves.We are looking for ways to make our voice just a little bit louder, and in turn, we believe it will make your voice a little louder too. For every $1000 worth of merchandise we sell from our ‘Not Politics As Usual’ Line, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU.

We will be adding more designs soon, and we are open to suggestion. Email us to let us know what you’d like to see next.

Stay wise.
Stay strong.


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