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Even the Smallest Pebble…

Introducing a new series from Forest City Design Co.

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Fresh Coat of Paint

It looks like I have a few things to catch up with. It looks like that things could use a little change, a few additions.

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On Recounting Where I’ve Been for the Past Month.

You build your own success. That’s how you do it. There’s no secret to it. You take the time, you learn it, you adopt it and find a deeper meaning in it, and you bring it further than where you found it…and you make it better. You make it, not the other way around.

01/23/2015 · 1 Comment

Portfolio: “The Writers Bloc” (c. 2013)

That it was made for a novice also helped in the decision making process. “Beginner? This’ll be a sinch!” said the guy with around an hour and a half total of Photoshop experience under his belt.

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Headed For the Vault.

I had a choice, either pack it up for good and go back to a day job, or suck it up, learn from the mistakes, and make it better…

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